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These pictures were taken on September 7, 2002 at the White River Valley Antique Association Show in Elnora, Indiana.  If you have not been to this show put it on your list.

1919 Reid 15 H.P.

Jim had an artist paint a rural setting on his water tank including his Reid.

This "Barker" really makes some noise.

Jim Rich
Cicero, Indiana

Superior 15 H.P. S.N. 1502

Otto 6 H.P.  S.N. 14196

Thomas E. Johnson
Sullivan, Indiana  47882

Evans Mgf. Co.   15 H.P.

Richard Wesley
Flat Rock, Illinois

Superior 25 H.P
Located in it's custom built mobile power house.

Gasometer used to regulate the gas pressure.

Rick, Shauna and Krista Dorrel
Millville, Ohio

Eclipse 4 H.P. with Pump Jack

Galen Henderson
Greenville, Ohio

Bessemer Oil Engine

Dave Pyle

Fairbanks Morse 50 H.P. Type Y, Mfg. in 1923
Single Cylinder Oil Engine
14" Bore 17" Stroke

The Farmer Family
Eaton, Ohio


Eclipse and Bessemer

Owner  ?????

Pattin Brothers 15 H.P.

Owner ?????

Bessemer 15 H.P.

Park Family
Bluffton, Indiana

Superior 15 H.P.

Charlie Hamstra
Brownsburg, Indiana

Superior 25 H.P.

Woody & Tayna Huntington
Lizton, Indiana

Pattin Brothers 12 H.P., S.N. 1039

Bob Elston
Milroy, Indiana

Superior 15 H.P., 2 Cycle

Owner ?????

Reid 15 H.P. S.N. 12347  Mfg. in 1920

Dick Fisher
Mooresville, Indiana

Superior 25 H.P.

Dennis & Kena Quebbeman
Corydon, Indiana

Franklin Valveless 35 H.P. Mfg. in 1923

Tony Heiner
Bloomington, IN

Bovaird Seyfang 5 1/2 H.P.

Leroy & Nancy Goodwin
Leipsic, Ohio

Reid 12 H.P., Mfg. in 1900

Paul & Shirley Stephens
Palestine, Illinois

Reid 20 H.P.

15 H.P. Reid

Allen Philbuck and Walt Sappington
West Branch, Michigan


Half Breed and Model Engines

Owner ?????

Reid 15 H.P.

Don Romine
Albany, Indiana

Reid with 3 H.P. Petter Pony Engine

Owner ?????

2 Reids

Check out the old patch on this cylinder!

Must have really took some time to make this repair.

Owner ?????

Fairbanks Morse 20 H.P.

Owner ?????

Superior 25 H.P.

The Kinney Family
Evansville, Indiana
See more about this engine at:

Rod line and Pump Jack

White River Valley Antique Association

O.F.E.S. Founder Russell Farmer, inducted into a bikers gang at the White River Valley Antique Association Show in Elnora, Indiana.

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