The Hercules Company purchased the Holms Machine Works in Sparta, Michigan in 1913.  It move the machinery and unfinished engines to this newly constructed building Evansville, Indiana.  Here are pictures of how the factory looks today.

SearsBackCover.jpg (26575 bytes) This is a picture from an original Sparta Economy catalog showing The World Headquarters for Sears Roebuck & Company.  Sears contracted with both the Holms Machine Works and the Hercules Gas Engine Company to produce the "Economy" brand of engines.
SearsSpartaFactoryOutside.jpg (19443 bytes) This picture, again from an original Sparta Economy Catalog, shows the Holms Machine Works.  It was located in Sparta, Michigan.
HercFactoryOrig.jpg (54975 bytes) This is a drawing from original Hercules literature of the Hercules factories in Evansville, Indiana.  The oval insert shows the Gas engine works.  This view is from the opposite side from the pictures taken below.
image04.jpg (42249 bytes) This view shows the main foundry.  The smoke stack out the top is the stack for the main copula.
image07.jpg (21870 bytes) An overall view of the foundry building.
image10.jpg (27291 bytes) This is to the right of the foundry building and includes the shipping dock.
image13.jpg (22224 bytes) The large, long building in the background is the Hercules Buggy Factory.   It is located to the left of the foundry.
image14.jpg (26589 bytes) Here is a shot of the Rail Road tracks that the engines were shipped out on.
image20.jpg (19488 bytes) If you look closely you can see the word "Hercules" spelled out in the brick at the top of the foundry building.


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