Hercules Literature and Memorabilia.

These are original pieces of Hercules and Economy Literature.
Some of them may take a little while to load but I hated to give up to much clarity.

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These are copies of original owners manuals
supplied with new engines.

Sparta Economy

Model E Owners

Models E to S

Models J & JK

Models X & XK

Model T
This is a postcard showing the inside
of the Hercules Factory with a room
full of Economy engines.
Economy Engines in Factory Postcard2.jpg (30418 bytes)

From the looks of the engines,
this had to be taken in about 1914.

Hercules supplied a written
Guarantee with their engines.
Here is one from 1917.

Hercules Log Saw Brochure
LogSawFlyerFront.jpg (44107 bytes)

Front and Back

LogSawFlyerCombined.jpg (52710 bytes)

Parts catalog
(18 Pages)

Buggy Recept.jpg (30830 bytes)
Hercules Buggy Co.

Original Hercules Buggy Co.
Watch Fob

Hercules Power Sawing Brochure

  Playing Cards Cover.jpg (26303 bytes) Playing Cards Cover2.jpg (24720 bytes) Playing Cards.jpg (40134 bytes)
Hercules produced some advertising Playing cards. The first picture is the front of the box.  The second picture is the back and shows a picture of the Hercules factory.  The third Picture is one of the playing cards.
Flier advertising Hercules 
Portable Engines,
Sizes 5, 7, 9, and 12 H.P. 

Hercules Flier front.jpg (30077 bytes)
Hercules Flier Back.jpg (34261 bytes)
Hercules Letterhead.jpg (45257 bytes)
Hercules Letterhead
From 1920.
Thermoil cover.jpg (69502 bytes) 
Cover of the Hercules Oil Engine (Thermoil)
logsaw1.jpg (7382 bytes)
Hercules Log Saw

Sliding Table Saw

Tilting Table Saw

Instructions for mounting
cut-off saw to Hercules cart.

 Peru Plow and Wheel Co..jpg (43234 bytes)
Hercules bought their 
Engine trucks from
Peru Plow and Wheel Company
Hercules Blotter1.jpg (34396 bytes)
This is an advertising Ink Blotter from J.B. Hall in Waterloo, Iowa.  Check out JB's picture in the flywheel.

This is a picture that says on the back.
Hercules Employees.  Nothing
more is known about it.

Hercules Magazine Ad.

Here is another deck of playing cards. 
EconomyEnginewrench.jpg (13855 bytes)
Original wrench that came
 with Economy engines.

A few years ago we were in a local
antique shop. We found a roll of gummed packing tape from The Hercules Corporation.  Here is a piece of it.

Bournival & Company Montreal, Canada
Hercules engines sold in Canada.  Written in French.

Hercules instruction sheet for connecting a Hercules engine to a grain binder.


Original Quart can of Sears Economy Engine Oil.


Page 1290

Page 1291

Page 1292

Page 1293

Page 1294

Page 1295

Page 1296

 Pages from an early Sears Roebuck Catalog.  
Sparta Economy Engines.

Hercules Engines Catalog
1916 era
(16 Pages)

Hercules Engines Catalog
1916 era
(16 Pages)

Hercules Kerosene Engines
Flyer from 1916

(15 Pages)
Cover.jpg (99014 bytes)
Sparta Economy 
Catalog C.1912

(35 Pages)
Catalog of Hercules Bodies
Ford Model T trucks.
Early 1920's
(29 Pages)

Catalog of Hercules Bodies
for Ford Model T Trucks.
Mid-late 1920's
(81 Pages)

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