Painting your Hercules built engine.

I'm looking for some more pictures of unrestored engines that show the decal and pin striping.  If you have such an engine and wouldn't mind sharing it's picture on this web page please contact me.  Thank you, Keith.

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3HP.jpg (22584 bytes)
The first five pictures are taken from an original sales flyer from 1916.
It shows very clearly where the pin striping should be.  It also
shows some of the parts unpainted.  It should be understood
that these were black and white photos that were colorized in
1916.  They left some of the parts uncolored for effect.  In
reality the engines were assembled and test ran.  Then they were run
through a cleaning process and then painted.  All parts were
painted the appropriate color.
Cutaway.jpg (23406 bytes)
In this picture it shows the pin strip in the base going all the
way to the back of the engine and then back up to about
the crank shaft.  This too is not accurate.  When painted the
flywheel would have been installed leaving no room to reach
the area behind the flywheel.
3_5_7_9_12HP.jpg (50869 bytes)
The engines up to about 1926 were painted a color very similar to
DuPont 1317 or 7666.  Rust-O-leum Hunter Green is a pretty
good match.
  The pin striping was usually red--but once in a while
yellow/gold. From 1926 on, they used a lighter green that is very
similar to the green currently in use on John Deere equipment. 
Maybe slightly darker. On these pictures it does not show pin stripping
on the front of the water hopper but in reality there should pin
stripping there.
Cart.jpg (23362 bytes) SawRig.jpg (22400 bytes)
The carts were painted red with green wheels.   The Red is
similar to International Harvester Red.  I found it interesting
that the wood seat was also painted red.
Andrew Shively 1.75 Original Hercule mag side2.jpg (36383 bytes) Andrew Shively 1.75 Original Hercule mag side.jpg (36835 bytes)
Here are a couple of pictures of an original Hercules 1.75 HP
owned by Andrew Shively.  It is a later engine painted in the
lighter shade of green which is similar but slightly darker that
the current green used on John Deere equipment.
Note the pin stripping here is a yellow or gold.
Andrew Shively 1.75 Original Hercule rear.jpg (30296 bytes)
Here if you can look past the reflection on the crank-shaft shield
you can see the detail of the pin striping used here.  It is like an
elongated upside down cursive L.

 Hercules crank shield.JPG (38145 bytes) Hercules crank shield2.JPG (21534 bytes)
Another couple of views of the crank-shaft shield detail.

1.5hpHercS.gif (84808 bytes)
This picture is taken from an original Hercules sales catalog for Model S
Hercules engines.  This is the 1.75 HP engine.  Note how the pin stripping
is a little higher on the hopper to make room for the decal.
3.5hpHercS.jpg (19650 bytes)
Another catalog picture showing the detail for the 3.5 through 14 HP
Model S engines.

Jaeger Machine Company
JaegerDecal.gif (57585 bytes)
Curt Holland did a lot of research on the proper color for Jaeger engines.
After many E-mails with folks around the country and looking at unrestored
engines he custom mixed a blue that is lighter than Ford tractor blue. It is
best described as royal blue. Here is his formula:
Using Duport Imron mix:
Start with 3/4 quart of Dupont color 77257. Then add 156.9 grams 559U
(blue) and 10.0 grams 535U (black). This will yield approx. 1 full quart.

Curt Hollands Jaeger on cart.jpg (56754 bytes) Curt Hollands Jaeger whole.jpg (27077 bytes) Curt Holands Jaeger Decal side.jpg (38086 bytes) Curt Holands Jaeger_Hercules Decal front.jpg (37278 bytes)

These are pictures of Curt Holland's Jaeger. 
The cart is painted with paint formula as listed above.


Jaeger 2 H.P.
KennethAskeyJaeger.jpg (18895 bytes)
Kenneth Askey.
New, York
 2 H.P. Jaeger

2HP on Ebay 2.jpg (30101 bytes) 2HP on Ebay 3.jpg (8487 bytes) 2HP on Ebay 4.jpg (14504 bytes) 2HP on Ebay 5.jpg (45798 bytes)

Orrin B. Iseminger
Colton, Washington, USA
 EconomyDecalslanted.gif (23489 bytes)   Economy   EconomyDecalPropeller.gif (30578 bytes)
Economy engines were painted a deep red very similar to International
Harvester Red.  Pin striping was usually in black using the same general
format as the Hercules engines.

Economy 6 H.P. Model S
S.N. 351354  Mfg. 1926

Wow!  Take a look at the original paint job on this engine.
Bob's uncle, Oliver Beaudoin owns this engine. 
Bob and his son Bobby show the engine

Bob Kenney
4625 N. 74th Street
Milwaukee, WI


Larry Gray Economy 1.jpg (52900 bytes)  Larry Gray Economy 3.jpg (41789 bytes) Larry Gray Economy 2.jpg (55824 bytes)

Larry Gray sent these nice photo's of his original Economy Engine. 
Notice The "Bow Tie" decal which were used in later years
on the Economy Engines.

Notice on the center photo that the pin stripping is
applied to the front of the water hopper too.

MikeTuckersEconomy4.jpg (18042 bytes)
Here is a nice photo of Mike Tuckers Economy.

 9 H.P. Model E, S.N. 104849, Mfg. 1916
Weight 2440 lbs.
Original paint and cart.

Glenn Wilson
Endicott, NY

EconomyDecalslanted.gif (23489 bytes)
Used on the first Evansville built Economy Engines.
EconomyDecalPropeller.gif (30578 bytes)
Used on the later built Economy Engines.
Sparta Economy
SpartaDecal.gif (55408 bytes)
SearsSparta8HP.jpg (111865 bytes)

Sparta Economy engine

SpartaDecal.gif (55408 bytes)

Decal used on the Sparta Economy engines.



Rudy Hufnagel worked for Hercules from 1921 - 1927.  For part of the time he
worked there he painted the stripes on the engines.  Below are some pictures of
Rudy striping a couple of our engines.  He used the original brushes that he used
while at Hercules.  He even had the original box that he hung on a post in his
work area at Hercules.  These can be seen in the pictures below.

7 H.P. Model E Hercules S.N. 139226 being striped by Rudy Hufnagel.
Rudy worked for Hercules from 1921-1927, striping engines for several years.

1.5 H.P. Model E Hercules S.N. 183109 being striped by Rudy Hufnagel.
Rudy worked for Hercules from 1921-1927, striping engines for several years.

Original box that Rudy kept his striping brushes in.
He hung it from a post next to his work station.

Original brushes used by Rudy to stripe Hercules engines.

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