Vendors who supply parts or services for Hercules built engines.

This page is devoted to vendors who sell parts for Hercules built engines. I do not endorse anyone listed here. I receive nothing for posting their information. Please verify information with the vendor to assure accuracy. It is posted here only as a service to the people who collect and restore Hercules built engines. If you know of another vendor who offers parts or services for the Hercules Gas Engine collector, please have them contact me and I will be glad to include their information also.

Governor gears for your Hercules built engine.

(Hercules-Economy-Jaeger-Arco, etc.) 1 1/2 to 12 HP, custom made in my shop.
As close to OEM as you can get! NOT retrofit Boston gears!! 
E-mail Jon Hodgdon at for details.

3403 Buckeystown Pike
Adamstown, MD 21710
Phones: 301-874-2821 days, 301-694-6840 (6-9 P.M. EST only)

P.O. Box 157
4462 Montgomery Road
Orwell, OH 44076
Telephone: 1-216-272-5335
Fax: 1-216-272-5333
Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM-6PM, Saturday 9AM-2PM
No Sunday's or Holiday's please.
They don't mind evening calls Monday-Friday (up to 9PM) if you can get a hold of them.
Otto Sideshaft Engine Parts

Needle Valves for the "J" type mixer

Hercules, Jaeger, Arco & Economy  "J" type  mixer needle valves. Machined from high grade steel and peened in like the originals. 
5/16" NC thread - length 3 1/4",  Adjustment wheel 1 1/4" diameter.
Needle Valve 
$19.95 + shipping

Flyball Governor Speed Control Parts

Governor Assembly for engines from 1-1/2 to 12HP 

New parts are shown on original Economy Governor Castings

Governor Speed Control Lever  -
$5.95 ea. + Shipping
Governor Speed Control Swing Pin 5/16"  -
$5.50 ea. + Shipping
Governor Detent Blade (single square hole blade)  -
$19.95 ea. + Shipping
Governor Speed Control Adjusting Screw  -
$8.95 ea. + Shipping
Governor Detent bolt & nut  -
$4.95 ea. + Shipping

5 and 6 Horsepower Exhaust Rocker Arm

Exhaust Rocker Arm - Casting 
$23.95 + shipping
Exhaust Rocker Arm - Casting Machined (as shown) -
$29.95 + shipping

 1 1/2 hp Push Rod Assembly

1 1/2hp Hercules or Jaeger Hit & Miss engine igniter trip rod assembly. Unit is furnished complete with cam roller assembly and detent catch.
Push rod measures 17"  X  3/4" X  3/8". Detent catch hole is threaded 1/4" NC and the cam roller hole is threaded 3/8" NC.

$60 + shipping

 1 1/2 hp Push Rod & Catch

Push rod measures 17"  X  3/4" X  3/8". Detent catch hole is threaded 1/4" NC and the cam roller hole is threaded 3/8" NC.

$45 + shipping

 1 1/2 hp Push Rod Cam Roller & Shoulder Bolt

Push Rod Cam Roller Assembly - all parts shown - $25
+ shipping.

 Detent Catch - 1 1/2hp

Detent catch measures 1" X 1" X  1/4" and is made from tool steel. Detent catch hole is countersunk for 1/4" CS bolt included.

$14.95 + shipping

1 1/2 & 2hp Wrist Pin & Bushing

1 1/2 and/or 2hp Hercules, Economy, Jaeger and Arco Wrist Pin and Bushing. Wrist pin is .625" diameter X 3.045 long, end has .050 long taper to center . The oil-lite bronze bushing is .625"ID X .875 OD and has a drilled oil hole and ID oil groove. Always check your original before ordering.

Wrist Pin -- $11 ea.
Bushing -- $8.95 ea.
Complete unit Wrist Pin & Bushing -- $18.95

We will make similar parts up for your other Hercules / Economy / Jaeger / Arco engines per your sample or sketch.

Mark Meincke
John R. Brillman
A parts business that specializes in ignition parts for gas engines, tractors, and industrial equipment.
(Spark Plugs, Ignition Wire, Magneto Parts)
Phone 610-252-9828
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